City of Tulsa public auction slated for Saturday morning

TULSA - The city of Tulsa will hold the first of its twice-annual surplus auctions Saturday, an event many locals are already preparing for.

First-time bidder Curtis Voss arrived early to the auction house, near East Admiral and North Utica Avenue, Friday to scope out the assortment of soon-to-be sold trucks.

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"Me and my dad have a small car dealership in Sapulpa, and so I came out to look mainly for used cars," Voss said.

Greg Oliver, who calls himself a regular at the auction, had his eye on some filing cabinets for his brother.

"Oh, I've found some very good deals," he said. "Basically, you never know what's going to be here."

And while plenty of practical items will be on the block Saturday, some fairly unique items typically are as well. This year, for instance, a samurai sword and a graffitied car will be up for bid.

The auction starts at 9:30 Saturday morning. Registration opens at 7:30. To see photos and an item catalog, visit the auction website (

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