City of Tulsa employees celebrate National Customer Service Week

TULSA - Nearly 40 City of Tulsa Customer Care Center workers answer an average of 2,200 calls every day from city residents.

With the high volume of calls and a variety of problems to solve, the center's director is helping boost his staff's morale with a little behind the scenes fun during National Customer Service Week.

Director Michael Radoff has been working for more than a year to help improve the quality of service customer.

Radoff recently introduced a Secret Caller Program, in which employees in different departments get a secret call and are evaluated based on how they handled the call. They're told what they can do to improve the service to the customer.

"It's one of the number one indicators out there that if the employees are satisfied your customers are going to become more  satisfied with the services they receive," Radoff said. "I think it's important to listen to the employees and do things that are positive to make people feel good about what they're doing."

He urges callers  to also give them feedback about ways to improve the call handling services.

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