City of Tulsa attorneys skeptical of sex offender Halloween ordinance, suggest taking more time

TULSA - Tulsa city councilors hoping to restrict sex offenders' celebration of Halloween will have to wait at least another year before a possible city ordinance on the subject can be realized. 

Wednesday, councilors Jeannie Cue and Arianna Moore pushed for the city to look into banning sex offenders from keeping their porch lights on, displaying decorations and handing out candy on Halloween.

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Moore, Tulsa's District 7 city councilor, said Thursday she actually thinks the idea could be extended to all holidays.

"We don't want to encourage the encouragement of caroling or trick or treating at homes where they could be in danger or at risk," she said.

But after reviewing the legality of the proposal, city of Tulsa attorneys said any such action would require more time and would not be able to pass by this Halloween.

"At this point in time, I think that we can do some more research, but it is something probably that should be addressed on a state level," said attorney Bob Gardner.

Gardner and fellow attorney David O'Meilia also expressed concern about including all sex offenders in the ban, despite some not being guilty of crimes against children, and about placing further restrictions on offenders after the crimes were committed.

Cue and Moore both said they would continue fighting for the ordinance.

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