City councilor spearheads Public Safety Intelligence group, highlights benefits of Crime Stoppers

TULSA - A Tulsa city councilor is moving forward with plans to reduce crime following a quadruple homicide at a south Tulsa apartment complex.

About 30 people attended the first Public Safety Intelligence meeting Tuesday, spearheaded by District 6 City Councilor G.T. Bynum, including city and county law enforcement officers as well as city representatives.

Their focus is finding a better way to advertise the Crime Stoppers hotline.

For about an hour and a half leaders talked about what needs to be done to make sure residents know how Crime Stoppers works.  They say it's about informing people who are afraid to call in tips and getting them to understand that their identity will not be revealed.

Witnesses can report crimes via the hotline, a website, an email or even a text message.

Leaders say there are other unexplored ways to advertise the Crime Stoppers information.

Tuesday's meeting was the result of the quadruple homicide that occurred at Fairmont Terrace apartments near 61st and Peoria more than a week ago.

No one has been charged with the crime.

City leaders say Crime Stoppers is not only about reporting crimes that have already happened.  It can also prevent crime from occurring.

"We're going to discuss where are those gaps, here's where we're doing well but where can we improve," said Bynum.  "And increase the volume of anonymous tips that come in so our police can do their job better than they already are."

A representative for Crime Stoppers says they have an 80-percent arrest rate from tips they've received.

If you have a tip for Crime Stoppers, call (918) 596-COPS, text Tip918 to CRIMES, email or visit

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