Choose 2 Lose Blog: Meteorologist Taft Price takes up boxing and kickboxing in his workouts

TULSA - I am now into Week 6 of the Choose 2 Lose program and I am feeling great!

I am down 15 pounds and have more energy.

Over the past week, boxing and kickboxing has been added to my workouts. To be honest with you, it has quickly become my favorite type of exercise.

I am still doing my cardio and circuit training routines but the boxing has added more variety and yes, more fun, to my workouts.

I worked out on the free-standing bag, the heavy bag and then the hand-held bags.

The free-standing bag is fun in that you get to hit a target that is stationary.

The heavy bag swings on a chain and was harder to hit solidly every time due to it's movement.

During my workout with the photographer there, he played the Rocky theme to keep me fired up! Wes Cole, my trainer, then manned the hand-held bags so I could work on some combination punches.

Trust me, hitting the bags for a while is quite the workout!

It was a great combination of some strength training AND cardio and I left tired.

Even after the Choose 2 Lose program ends in a few weeks, I plan on getting a bag, either free-standing or a hanging heavy bag to put in my garage!

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