Cherokee County teen who shot dog with arrow, uploaded picture to Facebook hires attorney

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Okla. - The investigation continues into the death of a pit bull in Cherokee County and the teen who posted a picture of the dead dog on Facebook.

Eighteen-year-old Caisen Green uploaded the photo, which showed a dog with an arrow through its side. The caption read: "For all you pit lovers out there. Here's what happens when one shows up around my house."

Green has since deleted his Facebook account, but not before the picture went viral.

Cherokee County Undersheriff J.C. Chennault told 2NEWS the sheriff's office has received calls about the incident from around the world.

Chennault said Green and his family have received threats as a result of the picture and Green has hired an attorney.

The undersheriff spoke to Green's father, who said his son hasn't been available for questioning because the family is taking the threats seriously. Green's father said his son was protecting his younger siblings by killing the pit bull.

According to Chennault, animals that enter a person's property and pose a threat to family or livestock can be killed if warranted by the circumstances.

Chennault said the dog's body was burned and will not be recovered.

Chennault expects to meet with Green and his attorney Tuesday. Due to the nature of the investigation, he said he will consult the district attorney's office about whether to make an arrest.

If charges are filed, Chennault said it could be for felony animal cruelty, which could net a 10-year prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Chennault is asking people to stop making threats against the family, adding that those threats will be investigated and potentially prosecuted.

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