Three polling places open in Rogers County for Tulsa election, no voters registered in area

ROGERS Co. -- Three polling places in Rogers County are open today, despite having no registered Tulsa County voters in the area.

The three precincts are near the Port of Catoosa, where the City of Tulsa extends into Rogers County.

Every election, volunteers set up the precincts, but they told 2News nobody comes to vote because no registered voters live there.

Officials with the Rogers County Election Board feel this is wasting money.

I'm frugal," said Rogers County Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody. "$1,800 is a lot of money out of my pocket, and I know that it might just be a drop in the bucket to somebody as big as the City of Tulsa. However, it adds up over time and this has been going on since the City of Tulsa annexed the Port of Catoosa back in the 70s... That's a lot of money."

Tulsa city officials decided to keep the precincts open back in August, just in case someone moved into the area and registered to vote for the election.

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