Students cut their hair at Centennial Middle school in Broken Arrow to support cancer patients

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Centennial Middle School in Broken Arrow is finding a way to make a difference for cancer patients.

Students from the school shed their hair on Thursday to help support people facing the disease. 

The donated hair from Centennial Middle School students will go towards making real-hair wigs for women affected by cancer. 

Megan Kesterson, a student who cut her hair for the first time, says the experience was great.

"I get to do something really important for those people who don't have any hair," Kesterson said.

Kesterson says both of her grandparents died from the disease. She says cutting her hair made all the difference in helping people who struggled with losing their hair like her grandmother.

"I think it's a really big deal because they don't get to have any hair and I want to give my hair to them because it doesn't seem fair that they don't get to have their hair," Kesterson said.

Cancer survivor Cindy Rhoades knows just how it feels to be told you have cancer and to be told you'll be losing your hair. 

"It's makes me feel proud that these kids that they have so much empathy for the people who are going through cancer and losing their hair," Rhoades said.

Rhoades says during her time as a cancer patient she had to wear many wigs to work and around town. She says seeing the girls give up their appearance to help other puts a smile on her face and hits a place dear to her heart.

"It's very emotional when you lose your hair because that was one of the things I feared. I thought was if it doesn't grow back," Rhoades said.

Megan says she's proud she was able to help cancer victims and that she intends on doing it again in the future.

Centennial Middle School in Broken Arrow holds this event each spring. School officials say they collected about 80 inches of hair from the girls.

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