Safari's Animal Sanctuary in Broken Arrow is looking for donations and volunteers

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - After 18 years in business, Safari's closed to the public in August of last year.

The park didn't stop caring for it's nearly 200 animals, but after seven months without revenue money is running out.

While plans are in the works to to try and re-open the park this year, Safari's needs donations and volunteers to take care of the animals.

For nearly two decades, Safari's Founder Lori Ensign has loved and cared for the animals at Safari's.

While she can still give them plenty of love, MS is making it increasingly harder for her physically care for them. Volunteers do most of the heavy lifting these days.

Without any revenue coming in since last August, money is getting very tight.

"It's been hard. I was hoping the transition would go quicker to the new people," says Ensign. "It just takes time. They are learning. And we are still looking for new people. I've gone through all my savings now. So it's getting scary."

The park has spent $30,000 on upgrades to enclosures in order to not only meet, but surpass USDA standards. Ensign hopes that will allow the park to re-open under the leadership of volunteers or a new owner.

"What I started I want to continue. I think it's a good thing," says Ensign. "I think somebody is out there that agrees - and has kids and family and can transition it on and be our legacy. I don't think it should have to die because I'm sick."

If you would like to help care for the animals, you can volunteer or make a donations at the park's website,

For information on volunteering, call 918-357-5683.


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