Dog Against Drugs makes donation to Broken Arrow Police Department K-9 unit, local agencies

Thanks to a generous donation, Broken Arrow Police Department is stepping up its fight against drugs across the city.

The department's K-9 division recently received a $5,000 donation from Dogs Against Drugs, non-profit organization that worked with training narcotic detection dogs and emphasized crime prevention in local schools.

DAD, however, dissolved its 501(c)(3) when it was unable to purchase training aids.

"They were no longer able to get real drugs because they are not a law enforcement agency," Lisa Ford, BAPD Crime Prevention Specialist and former DAD board member, said. "They were not able to use real training aids for the dogs and were kind of concerned that might not hold in court.

Through the end of one agency, several others were able to benefit.

DAD disbursed $21,412.39 between BAPD, the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, Owasso Animal Shelter and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

"We are very appreciative of the donation. The donation is going to be utilized for the betterment of the K-9 unit," said BAPD K-9 Officer Marque Baldwin.  

The BAPD K-9 division has been around more nearly 30 years. Broken Arrow currently has four dogs, all of which are male German Shepherds imported from Europe.

Each dog helps its officer patrol, as well as detect drugs.

Where the funds from the donation will go has not been decided yet, but Baldwin says it could be used to purchase a new dog, equipment or medical purposes.  

"The K-9 unit in itself serves the community and serves patrol functions, where we can apprehend fleeing felons or beat criminals at their game by the use of a dog," Baldwin said.

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