Broken Arrow School Board votes to change middle school boundaries

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - The Broken Arrow Public Schools Board of Education unanimously voted Monday night to redraw school boundaries for the district's middle schools.

The new map chosen at the school board meeting Monday night would move about 600 students to different school sites and feed students into specific middle schools.

School officials say this plan would prevent overcrowding in schools and provide more continuity for students using the feeder school model.

"Some of our elementary schools students were going to three different middle schools ... I think its going to balance our middle schools and make it better for the overall environment of each of our schools," Broken Arrow Public Schools superintendent Jarod Mendenhall said.

Map C, adopted at the board meeting, would send students from Rhoades Elementary students to Sequoyah Middle School, students from Lynn Wood and Leisure Park Elementary Schools to Oliver Middle School and students from Aspen Creek Elementary to Childers Middle School.

Mendenhall says the plan was chosen because it affects the least amount of students in the district and creates the fewest changes.

"It really accomplished our goal of moving a lot of our students from the northern part of our district, which is really populated, to the South," Mendenhall said.

At Monday's night Board of Education meeting, Mendellhall assured concerned parents that the new move would be best for the students, parents and the district as a whole.

"I think the biggest thing is looking at the bigger picture. I think it's more different on parents more so than students at times. They make new friends easily and able to transition well," Mendenhall said.

The redistricting plan is set to take place at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

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