Broken Arrow Public Schools students collect food items for Move For Hunger, Broken Arrow Neighbors

BROKEN ARROW - March 25-29, students and staff from all of Broken Arrow Public School's 25 sites participated in a food drive to benefit Broken Arrow Neighbors.

"We've partnered with Move For Hunger ( in what is one of the largest drives ever undertaken by that organization," said Tara Thompson Public Information Officer for Broken Arrow Public Schools.

This week, hundreds of boxes of food were delivered to Broken Arrow Neighbors, which totaled 12,860 pounds.

Country Lane Intermediate alone brought in almost 900 pounds of canned and non-perishable food items.

"As a basic needs service agency, to receive a donation like this midway through the year is absolutely fantastic," said Kim Goddard, Broken Arrow Neighbors executive director. "By having this size of a donation we will probably be able to double the amount of food that we can give to those individuals that seek food assistance from us. We will be able to do so for, I would say, at least a two-month time period."

According to the district, the initiative was sparked last fall by Candy Lievsay, a teacher at Sequoyah Middle School. Her class collected more than 3,500 pounds of food and hoped to impact the community even further by expanding the drive throughout BAPS.

"The majority of these schools have already hosted a food drive for us throughout the year, and they have provided items that we used in either our Thanksgiving or Christmas meal baskets," Goddard said. "

Goddard said the donation allows Broken Arrow Neighbors to concentrate their funding on perishable items such as milk, meat, eggs and cheese.

Administration at several sites have plans to show their appreciation to students for their efforts during the food drive in the coming weeks.

"We have principals promising crazy things if their kids meet the goal. One will sport pink hair and one will take a 'pie in the eye.'" Thompson said.

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