Broken Arrow Police Department leads stationwide effort to keep emergency responders safe

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Road conditions weren't bad after rain and snow moved through Green Country Tuesday, but there are some reports of slick spots.

Authorities in Ottawa and Craig counties are reporting slick conditions but so far no accidents have occurred.

At the same time, law enforcement officers are working to protect drivers and first responders during traffic incidents.

When it comes to accidents, local law enforcement is asking drivers to pay close attention.

The Broken Arrow Police Department will help lead a statewide effort to protect first responders when they work traffic incidents.

Nationwide, traffic calls were to blame for 60 percent of police deaths in 2009.

For several years now, the BAPD has been training its officers on the most effective and safe way to handle a crash and they say they've already seen a change from drivers.

Training continues Wednesday, focusing on better communication, clearing a scene quickly and traffic control.

But officers are also asking drivers to do their part.

"If they will just drive through there and not have to stop or slow down because when they start slowing down all the traffic coming to the incident also has to start slowing down," said Officer Tim Collins, BAPD traffic specialist.  "And you get the one person that looks over at the scene to see what's going on and that's when you have another crash."

BAPD in addition to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol will help train different agencies around Green Country.

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