Bogus exterminator offers free service to Tulsa woman, instead leaves with her purse and car keys

TULSA - A phony exterminator in Tulsa is offering free spray service to combat the bugs of spring, but he's left at least one Tulsa woman's home with more than his sprayer.

Lucille Whitmire was the victim of the free spray scam Saturday morning.

She says she was approached by a man she describes as white, in his 40s, 5-foot-10 and approximately 180 pounds.

Whitmire says the man was driving a newer model red pickup and says the man was wearing a yellow hard hat.

"He came up here to the door and said, 'I want to spray your house,' and I said, 'My house don't need spraying because I don't have any bugs.' And he said, 'Well, it won't cost you anything.' So I thought he was just doing a good deed," Whitmore said.

She let the man and his sprayer inside her home. Whitmore says the man went straight to the kitchen and began to spray.

Almost immediately after, he turned for the living room, snatched her purse and car keys from the coffee table, and sprinted to his truck.

"Just be careful of who you let in your house, if you don't know them. Just be sure you know who's coming in and if they're certified or whatever."

In addition to her car keys, Whitmore lost credit cards and checks.

She filled out a police report online with the Tulsa Police Department. She was told it would be a couple of days before an officer could meet her at her home.

She determined the spray in her kitchen to be water.

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