Buy Bixby kicks off Saturday, Nov. 2; holiday shopping campaign encourages residents to shop local

Bixby officials and local business are preparing to kick off the city's holiday shopping campaign – Buy Bixby.

The 2013 Buy Bixby program begins Nov. 2 and runs through Dec. 15. Starting Saturday, every purchase made at participating merchants is exchanged for a ticket. Each ticket means a shot at $10,000 on Dec. 16.

"This, year, we are giving away $17,000 in cash prizes," said Bixby Mayor Ray Bowen.

The grand prize drawing is $10,000 with four additional cash prizes of $1,000 up for grabs. Another $3,000 will be given away in $50 increments at each Buy Bixby remote – Nov. 2 at Doc's Country Mart, Nov. 23 at Reasor's  and Dec. 16 at Sutherlands.   

About 110 businesses in the Bixby and Tulsa area are a part of this year's event, Bowen said. That's a 34 percent increase over last year's participants and double the amount the city had when it initiated the program in 2007.

"Every year has gotten bigger and better," Bowen said.

 Participating merchants include Bixby and Tulsa businesses.

"We have the major retailers that have corporate offices to the local shops where the owner works that shop every day, so it's a wide range of participants," said Jeffrey Beltran with the City of Bixby.

Spartan Family Dinner has been a part of Buy Bixby annual since its inception.

"It's a very good program that helps the people of Bixby just support the business of Bixby and do business here," said Sam Char, restaurant owner.

Bowen says the program is beneficial not only for business owners, but also for the city and its residents.

"We've seen sales tax since 2007 continually go upward," Bowen said. "And during this timeframe that we have the Buy Bixby we've always seen increase, and we expect this year to be no exception.

"It actually encourages Bixbians to come in, shop local and I think it gives the community a great pride."

The official kick-off begins this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Docs Country Mart, located at 151 st Street and Memorial.

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