Bixby city leaders set to launch new emergency service

BIXBY, Okla. - Bixby city leaders are set to launch a new emergency service Wednesday aimed at alerting residents to dangers in the area.

The mass notification system will send automated voicemails to homeowners and businesses to warn them of imminent dangers. The service will also include weather alerts.

The city of Bixby will issue a test message Wednesday in the area. It will be a pre-recorded message from Mayor Ray Bowen to each residents land-line phone or mobile device.

City leaders say the system is automatically set to use land lines phones, but not mobile devices. They encourage all residents to sign up their mobile devices "for their own safety."

"Many people do not have land-lines and will not be in our system on day one," Bixby Police Chief Ike Shirley said in a press release.

Homeowners say they welcome the new system and think it will keep them safer.

"I just think it'll be a great thing especially for older people," Bixby homeowner Jeanetta Carr said.

The new emergency system will be no charge to residents. Residents are also able to opt-out of the land-line or mobile notification.

If you are a Bixby resident and want to register your mobile device or land-line into the system go to the Bixby website at w

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