Beginning June 1, smoking not allowed within 25 feet of Starbucks stores; includes Tulsa locations

When it comes to anti-smoking rules, Oregon has been at the forefront.

Now, America's largest coffee company is pushing things a few steps further.

Starting today, smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of most Starbucks stores across the country, including some here in Tulsa.

While the new rule has some smokers fuming, most seem to be alright with it.

"f they don't want you smoking in front of their building, then accept that and move on down the road," said food cart owner Katie Culver

According to Kathryn Cushing of Oregon's Tobacco Prevention Program, only about 20-percent of our adult population still smokes.

"So that means 80 percent doesn't, so a lot of people are looking for protection from second-hand smoke."

Cushing says Oregon's 10-foot smoking ban is only a minimum and that it is fine for a business to make a stricter rule on their own property.

"I think the more space we have to breathe fresh air, the better," Cushing said.

Culver parks her taco court on a state-owned courtyard, which is completely smoke-free.

"I couldn't work where I was covered in smoke. I've done that in bars, back when smoking was allowed, and it was miserable," she said.

Mary Coffee -- yes, coffee -- is a cancer survivor who volunteers for the American Cancer Society.

"Personally, I've lost many loved ones to cancer, and I commend Starbucks. I think it's a bold move. They stand to lose a lot of business."

Many Starbucks customers say they'll politely help Starbucks enforce the 25-foot no smoking rule.

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