Authorities release 911 calls from Moore residents after Monday's tornado passes over their homes

MOORE, Okla. - Authorities have released 911 calls made immediately after the Moore tornado passed their homes.

Residents told the dispatcher they were trapped by debris and were desperate for help.


Caller 1: "There's people down. We're stuck under rubble. My leg is broken.

Dispatcher: "Yes, we got a car we'll get 'em out there as soon as we can."

Caller 1: "Please hurry!"

Dispatcher: "We'll get 'em out there as soon as we can, thank you."


Caller 2: "We got a daycare full of babies. We need help bad."

Dispatcher: "Okay, do you copy?"

Caller 2: "We need help bad. We got a daycare that just got cremated."

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