AT&T U-verse outage continues in Oklahoma

TULSA - A service outage continues to impact AT&T U-verse customers across Oklahoma.

Customers tell 2NEWS the outages began Monday and Tuesday.

Beth Parker says she spent more than an hour trying to reach a customer service representative.

"No one seems to be able to tell you what's wrong, what they're doing to fix it, or even give you an estimate of when it'll be fixed," she said.

In a statement, AT&T U-verse spokeswoman Emily Lang wrote:

"This issue is impacting a limited number of customers in our southwest and southeast region states, including Oklahoma. We're having an issue with a server that supports U-verse and are working to restore services as soon as possible. As of the end of the the third quarter of 2012, the company had 7.4 million total U-verse subscribers. That number includes TV and high speed Internet subscribers. This issue is affecting less than one percent of our current subscribers."

A recent post on the AT&T U-verse Facebook page says the problem has been tracked back to a recent software upgrade.


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