Assistant Peggs fire chief accuses boss of embezzlement

PEGGS, Okla. - Concerned Peggs residents gathered Wednesday night to decide the town's next move after accusations of embezzlement have placed the volunteer fire chief in hot water.

The meeting was called by Peggs assistant fire chief Brannon Holman, who claims Roger Fine used department money to pay for personal expenses.

"I prayed that none of this was true and it didn't take very digging at all, hardly at all," Holman said.

The assistant chief said he found several checks not used for department purchases, and even played a voicemail in which Fine states his plans to resign.

But others in the community weren't so quick to believe the accusations.

"He is needed in this community, there was no crime here," said Peggs resident Alpha Harvey. "He went down there and he saved my mother's life when that house was on fire."

Fellow firefighters also came to the chief's defense.

"If he gets out as chief, I'm gone, everybody here," said crew member Pete Milliron.

At this point no charges have been filed.

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