American Airlines merger with US Airways could be reached soon

TULSA - The future of American Airlines may be clearer in just a few days.

Experts say American Airlines joining forces with US Airways could lift a struggling company into a profit-making machine.
It would create the world's largest airline.
Tarah Severtson works for American Airlines in Tulsa. She said, "I think a merger would be great for American Airlines. It would make us a much larger, stronger airline and definitely more competitive in today's industry." 
She says a merger could be good news for customers and believes the possibility of more flights, lower fares and more routes might prove beneficial for the company.
"When you're flying out of Tulsa the best ways to go are direct and if we can offer more of that because we merge with a larger airline or a different airline then I think it will only be good for our customer," Severston said.
Frequent flyer Mark Nomellini agrees.
"I think the benefit would, as I said, more options for flyers in terms of routes and maybe better prices," he said.
Other travelers say it could lead to less competition and higher fares.
But Severston thinks the pros will still outweigh the cons.
"To know that the company that you work for is strong is always reassuring," Severston said.
A deal could be reached in a few days.


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