Amber Hilberling, woman guilty of husband's fatal high-rise fall, sentenced to 25 years, $10k fine

TULSA - A Tulsa woman convicted of pushing her husband from their high-rise apartment has been sentenced to more than two decades in prison.

A judge handed down the ruling Tuesday afternoon for Amber Hilberling, whose husband, Joshua Hilberling, fell to his death in June 2011 from the couple's 25th-floor University Club Tower apartment.

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Hilberling was convicted of second-degree murder in March. The jury recommended she serve 25 years in prison. The judge agreed.

In addition to the 25-year prison sentence Hilberling must pay a $10,000 fine and her husband's funeral expenses.

During the trial, Hilberling's attorney claimed her client's husband pushed her first when the couple was in the middle of a heated argument. Hilberling testified it wasn't her intention to kill her husband.

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Jurors saw photos and video from the crime scene and investigators testified the apartment didn't indicate a heated argument had taken place as nothing was amiss except the shattered window.

During closing arguments, prosecutors used Hilberling's own statements against her. She had previously testified her husband was either on the phone or had just finished a phone call when she pushed him, but prosecutors said it would've been impossible for him to grab her by the shoulders, which she said he did prior to her pushing him, with a cellphone in his hand.

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On Monday, prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum with the court, requesting the jury's recommendation be followed and Hilberling be sentenced to 25 years.

The court documents point out that Hilberling repeatedly admitted to pushing her husband but changed her story after her first interview with police, said it was self-defense and blamed Joshua Hilberling's fall and subsequent death on himself.

The prosecution believes Hilberling has not taken responsibility for her actions and has shown no remorse is not remorseful, pointing to testimony that she joked about pushing her husband while in jail.

During the trial against Amber Hilberling, two former inmates took the stand, claiming the woman made light of the incident, telling them "You better...or I'll push you out the window," and laughing thereafter.

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The prosecution points out that Hilberling had previous brushes with the law with regard to domestic abuse when she and her husband lived out of state. The document states Hilberling failed to take advantage of domestic abuse classes and other opportunities afforded her.

Assistant District Attorney Michelle Bodine-Keely writes "the manner of death was horrendous," saying Joshua Hilberling had 17 stories to contemplate his fate.

The medical examiner testified Joshua was alive as he fell from the 25th-floor window until he impacted the eighth-floor parking garage.

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