Elderly carjacking victim A.J. Zinn speaks about brutal attack that left him bandaged, bruised

TULSA - On Tuesday, police say 76-year-old A.J. Zinn was beaten in the parking lot of a midtown Tulsa Target as a man stole Zinn's blue Cadillac. The robber dumped the car about two miles away.

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Zinn's injuries are shocking. Bruises paint most of the upper half of his body. The grandfather, visibly upset, spoke to 2NEWS reporter Liz Bryant Wednesday.

"It's not right," Zinn said through tears.

He suffered a black eye, broken ribs, a gash on his arm, a knot on the back of his head and a bite out of his thumb, but Zinn says it's not the injuries that upset him.

"You feel so helpless ... for what it's worth, he got the best of me, I guess that upsets me more than anything," said Zinn.

A veteran of the Air Force, Zinn tried to hold on as his attacker sped away, throwing the senior on the pavement. Before that, he was punched in the eye and side and bitten on the hand.

"I'd liked to have whooped him good," said Zinn. "I'd like to meet him again some time, when he's all straightened out."

Hours after meeting with Zinn, the Tulsa Police Department announced the suspect in the crime had been arrested.

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Thirty-five-year-old Brian Patterson, of Tulsa, was taken into custody after leading police on a chase in a different stolen vehicle not long after the Target carjacking.

Said Zinn's grandson Brandon Brock after learning of Patterson's arrest: "We are relieved he's behind bars. We hope he gets the help he needs and that justice is served."

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