2NEWS exclusive: Hayes' ex-girlfriend says he's not a killer, wants him to confess what he knows

TULSA - The search for answers in last week's quadruple murder continues.

Authorities raised the bond for 32-year-old Freddie Hayes to $250,000 due to his possible connection to the murders. He's named a person of interest.

A close friend of Hayes talked to 2NEWS in an exclusive interview and she says he's not a killer.
According to court documents, Hayes is a witness in last Monday's murders at Fairmont Terrace apartments near 61st and Peoria.

His former girlfriend, Diedra Alexander, says she's shocked.

"They're saying they have a person of interest and it was Freddie Hayes and I was like 'oh my God'," said Alexander.

She says she found out after hearing reports on the news.  

Alexander has known Freddie Hayes for five years. They used to date and remain close friends to this day.

"We still talk to each other, he would always check on me," Alexander said.

She found out after the murders Hayes dated one of the victims in last Monday's murder, Rebeika Powell.

Powell, her sister Kayetie Melchor, Misty Nunley and Julie Jackson were all found dead at the complex.

"I didn't know them, I didn't know the other girl, the younger girl, I know Julie Jackson, who was a good friend of mine, a very good friend of mine," Alexander said.

Alexander doesn't believe Hayes killed the women but she knows he has a criminal history.

"It was drugs involved, I know for a fact. It was drugs involved, everybody wants to play an innocent role and saying this that and this wasn't going on, lies after lies," she said.

She wants Hayes to come clean with detectives.

"If you know something, set yourself free, because God knows, it's going to come out whoever (did) this," said Alexander.

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