5th annual Rock 'n Rib Festival boasts national barbeque pitmasters, musical performances

TULSA - The fifth annual Rock 'n Rib Festival is underway and the barbeque pits are warned up, ready to serve the lunch crowd.

Roughly 40,000 people are expected to attend the four-day festival.

"When people come, they can visit our six national pitmasters," said festival spokeswoman Jill Duval. "They are serving award-winning barbeque. They won awards all over the country."

Duval says the pitmasters have appeared on Food Network, Discovery Channel and other shows that feature pit masters.

"They're really good at what they do and they're very good at their job," said Duvall.

Pitmasters say they have plenty of food to go around.

"Expect good barbeque," said pitmaster Mark Gran. "We're different.  Most people say we're Memphis-style of KC-style.  We're in between because we're in between KC and Memphis."

Street parking costs until 5 p.m., then it is free. Paid parking is available at garages around the block.

Thirteen bands will perform at the festival, located just outside the BOK Center on Third and Frisco.

For more on the Rock 'n Rib Festival visit http://www.bokcenter.com/events/rock-n-rib-festival.

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