3 jailed for downtown Tulsa bomb hoax, recording it to upload to the Internet

TULSA - Tulsa police are asking victims to come forward after three arrests were made in a downtown Tulsa bomb prank.

Investigators say several young men were coming up to people on a downtown Tulsa street, handing them a bag containing what looked like a bomb and recorded their reaction on video from a distance.

Twenty-two-year-old Daniel Nix, 21-year-old Nathan Howe and 25-year-old Logan Sours were all arrested, but have downplayed the incident as a harmless prank.

2NEWS spoke with Nix via Facebook following the arrest, who said the whole ordeal was meant to profit a homeless shelter.


According to the booking report, one victim said she thought they handed her an actual bomb and she was in fear for her life.

Police say the bag contained oil, pipe fittings and wiring.

Inside the suspects' car officers found flammable material and items that could have been used for a real detonation.

Police say the suspects tried deleting their video when they realized they were caught. Police are now looking through the remaining video to identify other potential victims.

Victims are encouraged to call the police non-emergency line at (918) 596-9222.

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