2NEWS speaks with Green Country woman aboard disabled cruise ship Carnival Triumph stuck at sea

TULSA - It's the sort of thing usually reserved for nightmares.

More than 4,000 people stuck on a near-powerless boat miles off the Gulf coast for nearly a week. Numerous reports of unsanitary conditions aboard the ship have made their way to shore, but passengers still remain hours from returning to their loved ones.

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Intermittent cellphone use has made communication difficult, but 2NEWS did manage to speak with one Green Country woman on the cruise ship Carnival Triumph Thursday evening.

"I've always wanted to go on a cruise and I've never been on one, but I never want to go on one anymore," said Gail Brown, a recent retiree.

Brown said she and her fellow passengers are safe and called the crew "fantastic", but reiterated her decision not to board another cruise ship.

"No more for me," she said.

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Once the Triumph finally ports in Mobile, Ala., it could take hours to clear the ship of its passengers. Buses have already began to gather around the port with orders to take the thousands of ill-fated vacationers to Galveston, Houston or New Orleans.

Brown said the cruise line has promised to give a full refund to everyone on board.

At least one other Green Country family will also be getting a refund.

Kenneth and Margaret Eaton had booked a trip on the Triumph for next month with their eight grandchildren, but an unwanted email changed their maritime plans. 

"The email said that they would look forward to us rebooking and would be giving us an additional discount," Kenneth Eaton said.

The now-canceled vacation would have been their 17th with Carnival Cruise Lines and their second with the disabled ship. Despite the recent chaos, the Eatons haven't lost faith in the company.

"They'll take care of the problems and I think they will have the boat in good shape," said Eaton, who plans to rebook the trip.

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