2NEWS Investigates: City employees working another job did so for at least three months

TULSA - The boss of five Tulsa public works employees caught double-dipping on taxpayers' dime said they would show up to work, clock in and then go work as a stagehand for another company.

Director of Engineering Paul Zachary knows it was going on for at least three months. He says some employees may have been doing it for years, but it's hard to know.

READ: Employees fired, accused of double dipping (http://bit.ly/12EFxTX)

One thing is for sure: He says that's not tolerated in city government.

"It's really a form of betrayal," Zachary said.

He said the employees were part of a division that goes out and makes sure construction crews and citizens don't hit underground pipelines while digging.

There were seven in the group, and five of them were involved in these stagehand jobs, according to Zachary.

Zachary said Trevor Acton, Daniel Anderson, Timothy Blaylcok, Larry Mullins and Boyd Wier would clock in at the city, do some work and then go work as a stagehand.

"Basically they were on the clock both at their location and also at the city," Zachary said.

All five have been fired. The other two in the division have been cleared of wrongdoing.

The Tulsa police are investigating. The five could face criminal charges.

"Certainly the most important thing that we do, do, we don't sweep it under the rug. We act very aggressively, directly and very harshly," said Mayor Dewey Barlett, (R)-Tulsa.

After seeing our investigation, two councilors are now bringing the issue before the city council on Thursday afternoon.

"How did this happen, that this error was allowed to happen that people took advantage of the city?" said Councilor Jeannie Cue.

2NEWS reached out to the five former employees for comment. Four declined, and the fifth one didn't return our call.

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