Twelve families displaced by south Tulsa cooking fire, victim meets disaster with brave perspective

TULSA - A dozen South Tulsa families are staying in a motel or with family Friday night after their neighbor accidentally started a fire in their London Square apartment building.

Ten of the families can return by next week after crews clean up the fire damage and turn the electricity back on. Two other families won't be so lucky as their apartments have been deemed total losses.

Latoya Berry, who admitted to causing the fire, said she was cooking chicken when the flames got out of control.

"I don't know what happened. I was cooking, it flamed up. I put flour on it. It went everywhere," she said. "I had to get out, so I started knocking on my neighbor's doors to tell them about it."

The other two families can never go back into their apartments, as those are a total loss, including residents Latoya Berry and Sandra Alberto.

Sandra Alberto, another neighbor who won't be able to return home, chose to look positively on the situation.

"If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger," Alberto said.

Alberto realized she was going to lose everything while she ran out of her apartment, but said it doesn't really matter.

Just two weeks ago, the doctor told her two of her main arteries are now 100 percent blocked.

"A couple weeks ago, I just found out my life is so uncertain, even more uncertain than I thought it was," she said. Now, i just don't know!"

But just when she thought she lost it all, Sandra's daughter showed up to the complex her mother used to live in, along with her four sons, each excitedly telling their grandmother she can come live with them.

No one was injured in the blaze and firefighters have ruled the fire to be the result of a cooking accident.

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