Green Country drivers grow angry about increasing gas prices

TULSA - Drivers in Green Country are starting to question when gas prices will stop going up.

People in Tulsa woke up Thursday morning to yet another price hike at the pump.

Some drivers say the gas spike is a growing problem and some say it's getting out of control.

"It's just more money out of my pocket. You know. Every day so, it hurts," said electrical contractor Ron Stefanoff.

QuikTrip stations in Green Country increased their prices for a price of unleaded gas 13 cents overnight Wednesday. 

Other stations around Tulsa also raised gas prices.

A gallon of unleaded gas now sits at around $3.49.

"I think it's gone up 10 cents three times a week," said Stefanoff.

Stefanoff said he spends 70 dollars every three days to fill up his gas tank. He fears prices might increase more and will continue to put a dent in his pocket book.

A spokesperson for QuikTrip said they raised the price of gas to match the rise in wholesale gas prices.

"What you have going on right now, is there's no question about it, you got what we call it, paper traders, back up in the market buying up the commodities," said Mike Thornbrugh.

Despite the increase, AAA says that's still 12 cents lower than the national average.

"Oklahoma is traditionally one the lowest retail cost of gasoline and it still will be," said Thornbrugh.

Experts say they don't foresee the price in gas prices coming down any time soon.

They say it's unlikely because of the upcoming summer and the jump in wholesale market prices.

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