George Flickinger race timeline of his Tulsa Tough Medio Fondo 68 mile cycling event in 2011

TULSA - Meteorologist George Flickinger participated in the Medio Fondo race in 2011.

George is riding in the 2013 Medio Granfondo race. Watch his 68-mile race live Saturday morning at

How did he do two years ago?

George's official time was 4:01:15, placing him 64th overall. He finished 51st in his division. Congratulations George, and to all those who rode Saturday!

Here's a timeline of George's ride:

12:16 - George just crossed the finish line in 4:11:58. He traveled 67.59 miles with an average speed of 16.1 mph. His fastest time was 34.23 mph and he burned 4,350 calories!

11:59 - 65 miles in, he's burned 4,138 calories. He's on W. Edison St. just west of downtown. Bring it home George!

11:52 - Five miles from the end of his race, the batteries died for our live stream.

11:47 - George is talking on his phone and said he's doing 35 mph in Sand Springs through some S curves.

11:39 - George is just north of Osage Hills Country Club - has about 8 miles to go. He's averaging 16.3 mph and he's burned 3,824 calories

11:21 - He's in Prattville on highway 97 nearing W 41st Street. George has now traveled 55 miles in 3:20:12

11:17 - Just stopped at one of the rest stops along the way. Got some cold water and one of the volunteers brought him a cold rag to put on the back of his neck. Great job to all the volunteers out there.

10:59 - More than three hours in, George is on 161 W Avenue coming up on E0640 Road. He's burned 3,037 calories. He's traveled 50 miles at average speed of 16.55 mph

10:36 - George has now burned 2659 calories. He's 45 miles in and coming up on S 161st West Avenue near Lake Sahoma.

10:19 - George is 40 miles in. He's on 209th West Avenue coming up on W 121st Street.

10:16 - George is in a pack of about 10 riders crossing over an old bridge on really bad roads.

9:52 - George has been riding for more than 2 hours. He's burned 1984 calories. He's traveled 35 miles at an average speed of 17mph.

9:36 - George is on Hickory Street in Sapulpa and he's burned 1620 calories

9:21 - Just spoke with George. He's on a county road between Keifer and Kellyville. Says it's not too hot on the ride.

9:12 - George just called in and spoke with Deana live on the air - he said he's about a third of the way through the race.

9:01 - George is 20 miles in and nearing Sapulpa

8:49 - We just spoke with George. He was just outside Jenks doing about 20 mph and doing great.

8:22 - George is on Main Street in Jenks

8:17 - After a dropout from the stream, George is back up live again. He's traveled 10 miles in 33:01.

8:07 - Passing under I-44 on Riverside Drive

8:01 - George just passed under the pedestrian bridge on Riverside Drive

7:46 - They're off and riding

7:33 - The racers are lined up ready to ride 

Here's a tracking map plotting George's ride. For mobile users, copy and paste into your browser.

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