Game day: Fans excited in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - The gates are in place, banners unfurled, security set and the fans are revving up in The Big Easy as the Ravens and 49ers prepare to square off in New Orleans.

Jay Gray is at the Superdome talking to fans as the party is about to hit its peak.

"It's great being with friends, and it's an awesome party place," said 49ers fan Lisa Douglas.

There is evidence of resurgence in the city that has suffered Katrina and the oils spill.

"It's about resilience. It's about the determination - just to say you know what, we're not going to give up," said New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

"It's just crazy, there's' so many places it's endless, you could spend weeks here," one fan said.

"There's nothing that beats this town, nothing," said another.

For thousands of fans, many in New Orleans for the first time, the city is not only back.  It's better than ever.

"This is fantastic. I've never been. You couldn't ask for a better town, better people, it's been amazing," 49ers fan Mark Castanon said.

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