Dos and Don'ts of March shopping: 2 items to buy, 2 to avoid

TULSA - The gorgeous weather and tax refund checks are just two things to look forward to this month, but March can also be great for the attentive shopper.

Here are two items in particular you may want to snatch up before month's end.

Luggage. A great idea to grab a new bag or two before planning that summer vacation.

Winter clothes. Most retailers have turned their focus to spring, meaning a good deal on that scarf you wanted.

But don't get too crazy. There's also a few purchases best made on a later date. 

Some of those...

Lingerie. You may think there would be lots of discounts after Valentine's Day, but not so fast. Instead, wait until retailers hold their semi-annual sale in a few months.

Kindle Fire apps. According to, many of the apps will be free starting in May when  Amazon changes its pricing structure.

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