Toyota, Lexus recall: Toyota re-recalls vehicles after bad fix

Don't Waste Your Money

Hundreds of thousands of Toyota owners will soon receive an unusual letter in the mail.

It will tell them that their car is being recalled for a second time to fix the suspension, because the first recall didn't work.

Recall fix leads to more problems
One woman believes she almost had an accident because of a bad recall repair.

Charlene York says she is lucky to be alive, after a harrowing incident while she and her husband were on the interstate.

"The car, he couldn't control it," York said. "He ended up going across the passing lane, and into the median. At that moment it felt like our life was passing before our eyes."  

Luckily they stopped the car without a crash.

A tow truck took it to  a nearby Toyota dealer, who diagnosed a broken suspension part, which allowed the wheel to flop around, according to her service invoice.

"The rear wheel was bent in, to almost a 45-degree angle," York explained.

Vehicle had just been repaired

But what shocked York is that just a few weeks earlier, her Toyota dealer did a recall repair on that exact same suspension part.    

"They said oh by the way, we also fixed your fight rear suspension arm," she said. But it apparently did not take care of the problem.
Toyota is now re-recalling more than 700,000 RAV4s, and some Lexus HS 250 sedans to fix a defect that the first recall failed to fix. Click here for more details.

Toyota spokeswoman Cindy Knight told us they have reports of several crashes and three injuries from this suspension failure, after the initial repair.

But Knight said "re-recalls are not that uncommon."

Affected vehicles

Meantime, if you have a 2006 to 2011 RAV4 or Lexus HS250 Hybrid, you may want to check with your dealer. 

You should also expect a notice in the mail in the next few months.

Charlene doesn't want anyone to have the same close call she did.

As always, don't waste your money.

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