Disney princess Merida of 2012's 'Brave' too sexy, parents say, after makeover for doll collection

Don't Waste Your Money

Disney is often criticized for being too conservative, too politically correct, and not edgy enough, especially when it comes to its theme park characters.

Not this time.

Princess is "dolled up"

CNN/Money reports that Disney's newest Princess, the heroine from the movie Brave, is the subject of controversy because some parents claim she is too sexy.

The doll in question is Merida, the title role from 2012's Brave.

The original version of Merida, which is how she appears in the movie, shows a normal, healthy girl with messy, curly red hair.

But CNN reports Disney has given her a makeover for her entry into the "Princess" collection as a doll and live character at Disney World and Disneyland.

The new Merida has a much thinner waistline, fuller hips and a coifed hair style that more resembles a Victoria's Secret model, according to some parents.

Thousands Sign Petition

A petition on Change.org, with 200,000 signatures already, is asking Disney to rethink the revamp, saying it sends the wrong message to pre-teen girls.  The petition says it encourages young girls to get skinnier and sexier.

No comment from Disney yet, but analysts are already saying it is sure to boost sales for a doll that otherwise would probably see just average sales.

As always, don't waste your money.


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