Concert meet & greet may not be worth it

Don't Waste Your Money

The hottest thing in concerts these days are "meet & greets," where you get a chance to meet a band and have your photo taken with them before and after a concert.

It's a big money maker, with tickets sometimes $200 or more.

But a few are very unhappy about what happened at the "after-party."

Disappointment After the Show

It was a dream: New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boys II Men together on stage recently.

But for some fans that dream turned to disappointment at the VIP party afterward

"For the money, it was not worth it," said Malia Cerfaratti, a fan since she was a little girl in the '80s.

She and 200 other fans paid an extra $150 to get into the after-party, which New Kid Donny Wahlberg hinted would give fans special access.

"You are going straight to the after-party, straight backstage, to party with me every single night," Wahlberg said in a YouTube video posted by the band.

"I watched the promo on YouTube," Cerfaratti said. "It made it look like it was going to be very exciting, very interactive, for $150. I thought it would be worth it."

No Party With the Band

But Cerfaratti says she had to wait in a rope line for an hour for a quick group photo with the band, then was immediately ushered away from the band.

"Once you got in there, you were rushed out and onto the next person."

She says she never got to shake hands or speak with any of the New Kids, who she says spent most of the party in a private room.

"If you looked through the glass you could see, across the way, a room with their own party going on," she said.

Another fan, Dede Kruse complained by email, saying: "A couple of the New Kids stayed less than 10 minutes. Then 90 minutes of DJ dance music, but no celebrities."

Live Nation, which sold the after-party tickets, told us it's up to the band how long they stay. Band members, under their contract, are only required to show up, which they did.

The Bottom Line

The lesson here: Don't expect to spend an hour hanging with NKOTB or any band. If you get a "hello" or a picture, consider it special.

In the artists' defense, how would you feel after just performing a two-hour live singing and dance show?

My advice? Temper your expectations with any meet-and-greet involving a band so you are not disappointed and so you don't waste your money.


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