Art Adams Tulsa Injury Lawyer: How to choose the best personal injury attorney

When people ask how to choose a reputable attorney, we recommend they first check with the Oklahoma Bar Association. Here you can verify if the attorney is a member of the Oklahoma Bar.

As a general rule, we always encourage clients to trust their common sense and hire the attorney they feel comfortable with, just as you would with any other professional and after checking with the Oklahoma Bar Association, follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are comfortable with your decision.

1. Ask the attorney about professional results.

2. Do you feel comfortable with the attorney? 

3. Does the attorney adequately address your questions and give you appropriate answers?

4. Does the attorney talk to you directly?

5. Is the attorney listening to your questions and coming up with solutions to the problems?

6. Does the attorney address your concerns?

Choosing an attorney can be challenging, and these guidelines will help you find a reputable personal injury attorney that can give you the best legal advice.

To verify Oklahoma Bar Association membership,  You may contact the Oklahoma Bar Association at 405-416-7000 or go to

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