Hardscape Materials in Bixby, Oklahoma: Gravel and River Rock

Gravel products are varied ranging from crushed granite to lava rocks.

Landscaping with gravel can add a new dimension to your garden plan and create a low maintenance, visually interesting addition to any garden plan.

Hardscape Materials gravel is sold as a bulk product. Pick the gravel you like, weigh your vehicle empty, tell the equipment operator how much you'd like, then after being loaded, reweigh.

A scoop of gravel is approximately 1,500 lbs. A coop of Lava Rock will weigh approximately 800 lbs.

One and a half tons will equal approximately 1 yard.

You can load small quantities into your own containers. You'll weigh, load and reweigh. If you don't have containers, we have poly bags. You'll follow the same weighing process.

If you want us to fill the bags, you need to make arrangements ahead of time and there is an added $5 charge for us to fill. If you are hand selecting through any of the bins, there is an added 25% charge.

Source: Hardscape Materials

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