Cooktime with Chef Remmi: Fun and easy tips for including your family in the kitchen

$63.1 Milion dollars. The increase in spending from  2006-2009 by fast food restaurants on television ads directed at 2 to 11 year olds.

The facts don't lie. Getting your kids away from the screen and exposed to healthy eating is more important than ever before.

I started in the kitchen when I was 4 years old. I did simple things like wash vegetables and assemble salads. At the age of 8 I started to make complete meals for my family. I have a big family (7 children) and my mom was always in the kitchen.

I think at first hanging out in the kitchen was a way for me to hang out with my mom, but very quickly it became my most favorite place to be. Food is my passion! I love making food taste great, love reading about food history, and most of all I love eating food! I have had some of the best memories being in the kitchen with my family.

Here are my top 10 tips to becoming a great cook!

Tip # 1 - Follow the rules. Kitchen safety and kitchen cleanliness

Tip # 2 - Be organized. Cut and measure all ingredients before you start

Tip # 3 - As a beginner cook - Follow the recipes

Tip # 4 - Clean up. It is part of cooking

Tip # 5 - Read about food - a lot of recipes and food history

Tip # 6 - Use lots of fruits and veggies. Color makes the dish!

Tip # 7 - Be inspired. Create your own recipes.

Tip # 8 - Cook healthy. There are lots of healthy subs

Tip # 9 - Presentation is Incredibly Important. We eat with our eyes

Tip # 10 - Have fun. You will, I promise!


I think of the kitchen as a science lab, a place to experiment. What's cool is you get to eat the experiment! Be a C.H.E.F Cook.Healthy.Exercise.Frequently

Hugs and Veggies! Love,



Source: Chef Remmi



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