Cooktime with Chef Remmi: Child chef gives demonstration to Jackson children at LIFT Wellness Center

Chef Remmi prepared two dishes Strawberry Salsa with baked Tortilla chips and Gazpacho Salad. The children watched a presentation given by Chef Remmi and sampled two of the wonderful dishes she prepared.

Strawberry Salsa with Baked Tortilla Chips

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Strawberrys are Remmi's favorite food and below is the recipe to make your own Strawberry Salsa!

Servings: 10 Serving Size ½ c

•¼ C red onion, small dice
•1  jalapeno pepper, minced
•1  yellow bell pepper, medium dice
•1  green pepper, medium dice
•½ cucumber, medium dice
•1  pint strawberries, large dice
•½ C pineapple, medium dice


•½ C cilantro leaves, shredded
•½ C orange juice
•2 T  lime juice
•2 T  extra virgin olive oil
•Salt and pepper to taste
•5 oz baked torilla chips/scoops


Prepare all ingredients as directed and mix in a bowl. Serve with 7-8 baked tortilla chips/scoops.


130 calories, 31/fat, 34/sat.fat, 75 mg sodium, 18/sugar

Source: Chef Remmi



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