Chef Remmi, Ambassador for Birds Eye at Partnership for a Healthier America Summit (PHA)

Last week was an INCREDIBLE week for me.  

I attended the PHA Summit in Washington D.C., and represented Birds Eye as their Ambassador. PHA is an organization that is focused on kids of America and the childhood obesity epidemic.

Birds Eye was a major sponsor of the event so they are a very big partner. This was a great honor for me and I realized that Birds Eye is a super cool company.

They are taking a different approach to getting kids to love their veggies - it's definitely a kid friendly company. They created a partnership with Nickelodeon, the place where we kids love to be entertained, and made veggies fun by holding a recipe contest for kids to submit their favorite and fun recipes! They had crazy Sam (Jennette McCurdy) of iCarly be their spokesperson encouraging kids to try veggies. I mean who wouldn't do what Sam told them to do?! Pretty smart, Birds Eye and fun too!

More than 16,000 kids entered the contest, which Birds Eye used to create some pretty cool (and wacky) kid –friendly recipes of their own recipes which are pretty tasty.

While I was there I got to work with Birds Eye's Executive Chef Michael Christiansen and create some great dishes for the attendees.  

Check out "Mini Martianette," that's my creation inspired by one of the recipe submissions called Yakimaniac Veggie Martian (check him out at  

I was also the lead host of a private session with the Bird's Eye's invited guests. I totally enjoyed that session and I got to introduce the President of Pinnacle Foods (that's Birds Eye), Sally Robling.

Sally spoke about their kid-friendly approach to getting kids to love vegetables, she's awesome!

I also introduced Karen Gunderson who is the Senior Product Development Director who spoke about the 4 new family approved Steamfresh vegetable combinations they will introduce in markets in May.  The guests got to try the new combinations and loved them, and I'm sure you will too! I also had a great time working with Birds Eye!! Had a lot of fun in the nation's capital!

You know I am totally about healthy eating and kids having fun in the kitchen. Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables makes it easy to enjoy vegetables. Sometimes after school I just pop in a bag of Steamfresh veggies and have instant delicious snack.

To get some great kid fun recipes check out the kids section for Birds Eye. Have fun with your food and your favorite veggie loves. <3 Remmi!

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