Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa: Mercedes-Benz goes acoustic to help drivers eliminate noise

Creating quality vehicles requires dedication to the latest technologies, and Mercedes-Benz is unafraid to explore new solutions to assist drivers. In fact, the automaker is frequently inventing new ways to shield drivers and passengers from loud, distracting noises.
By creating a comfortable, noise-free driving experience, Mercedes-Benz further enhances the value of its models to drivers worldwide. Mercedes-Benz considers several factors when implementing noise-cancelling technologies into its vehicles, including:
Aerodynamic acoustics - Noise caused by airflow around the vehicles is reduced in any number of ways, from repositioning windshield wipers and streamlining roof pillars, to altering the shape of side mirrors.
Noise insulation - Materials engineered to block and absorb sound are integrated throughout the vehicle. Other insulation measures, such as increasing the thickness of windows, also come into play.
Psycho-acoustics - The level of acoustic comfort in the cabin, as perceived by the human ear, is optimized using criteria like loudness, sharpness and "articulation index" - or how easily occupants can carry on a conversation.
Vehicle configuration - Every Mercedes-Benz has a unique sound based on the set-up of its engine, transmission and exhaust system. In particular, exhaust notes are tuned to give model families - and even specific vehicles - their own individual character.
Mercedes-Benz is driven to protect drivers and passengers against unnecessary noise and fine-tunes every auditory aspect of its vehicles. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz owners can enjoy many everyday features as well, including luxury designs, high-performance engineering and quality interiors.
Many Mercedes-Benz experts and owners feel that "a Mercedes-Benz should always look like a Mercedes-Benz," and this automotive manufacturer is fueled by driver expectations. However, everything Mercedes-Benz has achieved goes beyond its models' appearances, and this automotive supplier continues to work with some of the world's best automotive engineers and its team of industrial, textile, graphic and interface designers to produce vehicles that look, feel and sound like nothing else on the road.
Before Karl Benz could invent the automobile, he first had to imagine the future, and 125 years later, things haven't changed at Mercedes-Benz. Whether it's developing ideas for upcoming vehicles or presenting a vision for a possible tomorrow, this automotive manufacturer is always imagining how the future will look and developing innovative solutions to remain an industry leader.
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