Wes Cole: Choose 2 Lose Week Four

TULSA - Fitness expert Wes Cole explains why Taft's workouts are getting more intense in week four of Choose 2 Lose.

Higher intensity workouts - We continued with high-intensity circuits weight training, which we will continue next week.  We will also increased the intensity of Taft's off day, lower-intensity cardio, trying to maintain a tough but consistent pace sustainable for at least 30 minutes.

Dealing with first plateau -  Taft's weight has stayed at 243 for a week now.  Because of this, we will begin to reduce his starchy carbohydrates and stay on course your averaging around 1700 calories.  Taft's weight loss will begin to pick up.

Watch joint health - This has been a rough week for Taft.  His hard workout with Danny along, with my workout, has left him a bit sore. We are going to keep a close eye on his recovery.  Taft is lifting heavier weights now and we will be increasing his protein intake soon.

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