Wes Cole: Choose 2 Lose - week eight

TULSA - In eight weeks Taft has seen astonishing results and improvements in balance, coordination, strength, weight-loss and cardio-vascular health.

Here is the recap of the eight program and why it was successful.

Proper assessment-  This was important.  The initial assessment allowed me to design a program suited to Taft's current fitness level.  It had to be tough enough to illicit adaptation but still realistic allow the proper volume of training without physical burnout or injury.

Traditional cardio-  With all the talk about increased metabolism and benefits of weight training, good old-fashioned cardio often takes a back seat but is critical to your success.  Cardio with a heart rate monitor allowed me to give Taft the perfect cardio workout, not too easy and not too hard.  Taking a step-by-step approach allowed us to go from walking to sprinting.

  Weight training- J ust a basic weight training program that progressed into a circuit style weight program allowed Taft to increase strength and prevent muscle loss during dieting, which is common in diet only programs.

Nutrition-  Last, but certainly not the least, proper nutrition was the foundation of Taft's success  Without it I believe he would have experienced very little, if any, results.

To check out Taft's progress, click on the video attached to this story.

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