MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Caney Valley High School students collect donated shoes for Tulsa homeless

RAMONA, Okla. - The leaves are changing and the temperatures are starting to drop.

Fall is definitely in the air and winter will soon follow.

Imagine being homeless and spending your days and nights outdoors. Now imagine being homeless and spending your days and nights outdoors -- barefoot.

This is where Hannah Mackey steps in.

Hannah, along with other students at Caney Valley High School in Ramona, started collecting shoes for the homeless.

"I just went through my neighborhood and went door to door with my brother, I'm carrying them all in a bag," said Hannah. "It wasn't that hard, I got 200 shoes."

It all started with a challenge from one of their teachers who told the kids about the homeless who go shoeless every winter, fighting frostbite. Many of them are kids their age and much younger.

"It's not hard, and you're helping so many kids," said Hannah.

The donations, at first, slowly trickled in. But within six weeks, the donations were nothing short of amazing. Nearly 3,000 pairs of shoes had been collected and donated to the John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa.

"Oh, it was awesome, I never would have pictured that many shoes, it took up a whole corner of our room," said Hannah.

"We take what we have for granted, and just giving a pair of shoes is going to help one kid."

You can't help, but feel good inside, Hannah says, to make a difference, with a pair of shoes. For those who give, and those who receive, it's a gift that truly touches the soul.

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