Office to holiday party quick change tips

During the holidays your social calendar really heats up, and that means you need to think smarter when it comes to making it to all of your parties and gatherings.

Image expert Jeane B. offers a few suggestions to help you, especially when you have to rush straight from work to a holiday party.

To do the style switch quickly, and efficiently, here are a few easy tips:

1. Wear a black, navy or white/ivory two piece pant suit to work, bring along a dressy blouse and evening shoes and jewelry to change the outfit into a more ritzy look.

2. Pack a cleanser, skin freshener and moisturizer to refresh your complexion. Clarisonic revs circulation and clears old makeup, Kinerase ups the color and the dewy-ness! Red Flower products relax, scent and get you in the mood for fun!

3. Take along makeup palettes in shimmering colors and hues to go from matte to magnificent sparkle for evening. Laura Mercier products are always chic and easy to stash for touch ups.

4. Dry shampoo and styling mist, coupled with a softly sculpted updo are instant style amplifiers. The dry shampoo (Umberto makes a terrific one ) will absorb oil and add volume that lasts, and Goody hair accessories create unbeatable hold.

5. Don't forget to stay hydrated! Hint: water is flavored but effective, with no sugar to add bloat!

6. Don't forget a little spritz of glitter on the shoulders and hair for a sultry, yet sensational glow! Sephora makes a great one in gold and in silver!


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