2NEWS meteorologist Taft Price's Choose 2 Lose Fitness Blog: Week 2

TULSA - BLOG | Just finished my second workout of the week this morning and I am tired.

Didn't feel quite as strong this morning due to fighting a head cold with a scratchy throat. It felt like my overall strength was down a little today but made it through the workout.

Wes Cole informed me that my heart rate was up a little compared to doing the same cardio warm-up last time. He knew before I even told him that I must have been fighting some type of cold.

I have one more workout tomorrow morning with Wes, then the weekend will include some light cardio as I try to shake this bug.

I have now been on the 1,900 calorie a day nutritional program for five days and I was shocked at the difference it makes when you create a food journal.

Several days this week I would finish and log my dinner and realize that I had only consumed 1,200-1,400 calories for the day.

But the amazing thing was I did not feel hungry at all through the day! So far, I have not used up my 1,900 calories once -- hope this trend continues!

Each Monday during The Biggest Loser at 7 p.m., I'll be on our Choose 2 Lose page to chat live with you about weight-loss, nutrition, exercise and even the show. (If you want to chat from your phone go here - http://kjrhchat.chatango.com/)

Join us Saturday mornings on the 2News Weekend Morning Show for our fitness segment. Also, every Monday night at 10 p.m., I will have a story showing my progress through the week of working out and eating better!

If you have joined in and are trying to get healthier too, stay with it! I know it is hard! Just remember, the hardest part is the first couple of weeks then it will get better. Just keep your eyes on the prize...a healthier you in 2013!

-- TP 

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