Global B.C. meteorologist Kristi Gordon panics when spider appears on camera, disrupting forecast

People who are deathly frightened of spiders typically have an arachnophobia panic attack when a spider is actually in the vicinity, but the mere image of a spider sent one TV news personality spiraling into a tizzy.

The show could not go on for Global B.C. Meteorologist Kristi Gordon, who lost it after a spider crawled across the weather camera that was showing the image used for the forecast behind her.

A distracted Gordon tried to continue her forecast, but the image of the spider, which was not in the room, threw her for a loop.

"It really creeps me out," she said.

The video, posted on YouTube, has gone viral with over 1.5 million views since it was posted Friday.

To see the video, watch below or click here:

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