Valley man Lance Greathouse designs flame-throwing wheelchairs

GLENDALE, Ariz. - Lance Greathouse is a pretty handy guy. A dental equipment repairman by trade, he likes to tinker around in his downtime.

He spends hours a week repairing and restoring motorized wheelchairs. His pet project takes your average wheelchair to a new level.

"They're fully adjustable, and this turret revolves around," he said about an odd looking contraption with wheels.

Equipped with lights, horns, fake guns, and even a flame thrower, Greathouse's wheelchairs certainly stand out.

The idea for these elaborate creations came from Lance's brother, who developed Parkinson's disease and was restricted to a wheelchair.

"The way people treated him when they saw him in the scooter wasn't the guy I knew. The guy I knew was a motorcycle rider, racquetball player, real strong guy, but when they saw him in the chair they treated him very different," he said.

So Lance developed something a bit "cooler."

"People would see him, and they would start talking about the chair, not what happened to you and say 'hey, that's an awesome chair man!'" he said.

That's when Greathouse Labs was formed.

"A lot of the guys will come and sit in them, and they're floored. They think it's awesome, that what we're doing here is pretty cool. A lot of people that aren't in wheelchairs say, 'I don't see the point, this is weird.' No, believe me everyone that's disabled likes what we're doing," he added.

While many of these wheelchairs are still in the development stages, he hopes to turn his creations loose and give people a new option when it comes to getting around.

"There's a demand for it. It's just a matter of doing it," he said.

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