The Biggest Loser: Sapulpa police officer David Jones of Kiefer recaps episode 5

Sapulpa police officer David Jones is a contestant on season 14 of The Biggest Loser. Each week, he will send us his thoughts after Monday's episode. David is still on the show. His starting weight was 307 pounds. Images from the show can be seen in our photo gallery at

Episode 5 - Waist & Money

I want to say from the start that yes, I cried too. But more about that later.

The cast of the Biggest Loser made their way back to the Ranch house minus Pam, and believe me that was a major loss. Pam was a bright spot in the house, usually finding ways to make this Eeyore smile. We all have missed her being part of the competition.

Our first challenge was tied in with the discovery that all the food at the ranch was gone.

We'd made our way to a local grocery, where we were given the task of a fifteen minute shopping spree with a budget of $10.00 per day per person. The Blue Team's strategy was to stay on the outside perimeter of the store, which is where all the good stuff is. All the teams did well, but I was tired at the end of it. Driving crutches sucks.

The workouts were on a different level for each of the teams.

It was a whole new world in there. The White Team was down to one member, and if Danni went home, Jillian would go home.  The Red Team had won three out of the last four weigh-ins and they really wanted to stay on that winning streak. The Blue Team, as I pointed out, was made up of five of the ten people left in the game, and the odds were that one of us would go home. Bob was going to have none of that, and pushed us like never before.

Danni got to see another side of Jillian, but to be honest we all got to see it, and on a personal level. She really is a sweet wonderful (albeit colorful) woman. And her kids are the sweetest.

The reward challenge was in the water, and this time I thought I was really going to get a chance to play, and even heard that it may happen. But at the last minute, the medical team decided I needed to sit out this challenge. Rats. Again.

Well wouldn't you know it, Danni was a water sports athlete back in the day, and she showed it.  She won the day, and a two pound advantage at the weigh-in. And at this point in the game that's a huge number.

The day Bob and I visited with Dr. Huizenga was a tough one and though air time was just a few minutes, in reality that conversation lasted a long time. And for me it was a breakthrough moment. 

It was during that conversation that I learned my overeating was not because I was addicted to food, as I had thought, but rather a consolation for not dealing with my emotions, and the hardships we all deal with. This was a moment that changed how I thought about being at the ranch, and realized I was at some point going home, and I was going to have to face life again. And facing it like I had before was just not an option.

It will be a long hard road, but I have no choice but to be fair to me. I watched the episode the same time everyone else did, and I even cried. The piece was really well done, and especially of their treatment of my daughter Tiffany. She is so important to my family, and whether she is in my home or staying with her mother, she is loved like no other. Her mother or I don't have favorite daughters, but…..

The Last Chance Workout was the hardest one yet, and then, even harder emotionally was the weigh-in.  In the end  Danni, all by herself, won the weigh-in and didn't even need the two pound advantage.  My response to my weight loss was genuine.  With all the emotional roller coasting I'd done this week, I really expected a low number.

The Red Team lost and sent Lisa home. She was such a special part of the Biggest Loser experience, and she will hopefully be a lifelong friend. She looks  fantastic today, and feels great about herself, and I hope the best for her.

Tune in next Monday at 7 p.m. on Channel 2 and watch another great episode of The Biggest Loser!

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